A Study Says Bad-Tempered Women Are Smarter

If people complain that you are being too grumpy, let them speak and take it as a compliment. Scientists say women who are generally in a bad mood are also smarter, so from now on, don’t feel like you have to be a well-mannered and always positive person. Instead, welcome your unbearable side with open arms and consider it a blessing.

Bright Side will explain the results of the study which concluded that being a little serious can work to your advantage.

Why being in a bad mood makes you smarter
Study finds moody women smarter
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A thorough investigation by scientists from the University of New South Wales and Stanford University concluded that moody women are generally smarter. The result was based on the fact that when women get in a bad mood, not only do they make better decisions, they also show a sharper memory for extracting facts and details from their minds.

A bad character is characterized by mental negativity, which makes people more aware of their surroundings. This is why when a woman is more cranky, she tends to concentrate and reason intensely about what she sees, thinks and does at that time.

Temperamental women have a constant underlying bad mood in their personality that allows them to pay more attention and be more intelligent in various areas of their lives. This is especially true when they need to make important decisions or find solutions to difficult professional, social or business problems, as they are doing a cold analysis, instead of using sentimental reasoning.

Overly cheerful people are more impulsive.

The study also looked at the reaction of happy people to a situation that required decision-making or review and found that they had a good advantage: they are more creative.

However, it may not be helpful if they are overly happy, as this cheerfulness usually prompts them to make impulsive and careless decisions that are not well thought out or thoughtful. So, in the end, this can lead to bad decisions, which can lead to negative and, in some cases, devastating consequences.

What if you are not an angry soul?

It is known that people do not always live angry or happy all the time; our mood varies according to what each day brings us and is generally temporary. But the study shows that it helps to be serious and able to deal with a problem or make a difficult decision. Your inner negativity will make you focus on every detail of the situation and ask you which path is best to follow.

After finding a solution to the problem at hand or finally making a decision, you can put that smile back on your face.

Caution: A bad character is useful, but can be harmful.

In addition to having better analytical and judgmental skills, crabby girls tend to develop superb leadership skills, which allows them to manage teams more effectively. But not everything is a plus.

Being in a state of endless irritability and negativity can make people more stressed and even lead to worrying conditions like depression. This is why the experts who conducted the study recommended that moody souls try to balance their emotions so that their temperament does not end up affecting their quality of life.

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